DemoTracked by Jason Kelly and Casey Kittel

Mixed by Casey Kittel

Lyrics and Music by Lethal Bark

copyright 2011 Lethal Bark LLC

Lethal Bark is currently writing and rehearsing in Washington, Please send us your email address to receive

notification of performance dates.

Lethal Bark performing live atThe Hamilton

in Washington, DC as part of Journopalooza 2012.

"Bark" is

plunge-right-in quasi-rock with wry lyrics that explore the awkward interface between irony and sincerity where we are all currently trapped.

The best bark is the

lethal kind.

Tom Toles:

Vocals, Drums

Lee Drutman:


Mirna Galic:


Pat Kehs:


Amy Schildge: Vocals, Percussion, Harmonica

Emilie Stander:

Viola, Vocals

The musicians playing on the 2011 Lethal Bark demo recording are:

Come Closer 3:04

The siren song of

the summer.

Bombs Away 3:37

The ultimate revenge song.

In Style 3:53

A tragic narration from a narcissistic bridge burner.

*Oak Tree 3:04

A cautionary tale of deep rooted frustration.

*This song contains explicit lyrical content!

To see videos of these songs and more with lyrics, go to our new

Lethal Bark Channel on YouTube

Lethal Bark is available for download on iTunes, Amazon MP3s and other music sites now!  CDs are available for $5 upon request.

Also a special thanks to Mark Humphreys for assisting with our live sound mix, and Jeff Blakeman for the recording and post production of these videos.

Lethal Bark looks forward to playing out again soon.

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The following streaming audio is from our first demo recording.

You can see a YouTube video of each song with lyrics by clicking

on the song title. All songs are available for download

on iTunes and Amazon MP3s now!

Check out these new Live Performance Cuts

from the debut show of our new lineup at

Busboys and Poets on April 4, 2013:

You need Quicktime to play these files

Lethal Bark begins 2013 with new songs and a new sound

featuring Tom Toles on drums and lead vocals, Lee Drutman on keyboards, Pat Kehs on bass, Amy Schildge on vocals + misc instruments

and introducing Steven Rubin on guitar and Holly Santillo on vocals.

Whether we are playing old Bark or new, the band continues to

present a unique look at Love, Self-love, Economics and Relationships

in every dysfunctional variety you can think of.

Thanks to everyone who packed the house at Busboys and Poets

in Washington, DC to see the debut performance of our new

lineup. We had a fantastic time playing for such a great Audience!

Catapult Love

Take Me To

The Beach

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Lethal Bark Version 2

Tom Toles on vocals, drums.    Lee Drutman on keyboards.   Pat Kehs on bass

Amy Schildge on backing vocals, glockenspiel, french horn and harmonica.

Emilie Stander on backing vocals.   Keach Hagey -backing vocals.

Isabella Varnish on violin and cabasa.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see Lethal Bark at the Art Soiree Event on Thursday 4/25. We had a great time playing to a great audience on the rooftop of the Beacon Hotel. What a cool venue and a beautiful night.

Here are a pictures from the event.

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Only One Time

Come Closer

In Style

Bombs Away

Lethal Bark at Art Soiree

Beacon Hotel Rooftop

Washington, DC

April 25, 2013

You can see more photos on our Facebook Page:

You can stream or download audio from Lethal Bark’s performance at Busboys and Poets in Washington, DC on 4/4/13 by visiting our Bandcamp page:

Lethal Bark is evolving into a whole new musical experience.

Find out about what is coming at:

Lethal Bark will be back on stage soon with some new faces and a new sound playing songs from our upcoming stage show Catapult Love.

Click this link to read an interview with Tom Toles about Catapult Love:

WaPo Cartoonist Tom Toles Tries a New Medium: Musical Theater

In October, Lethal Bark performed the first showcase reading of Catapult Love at the Mansion at Strathmore, to a packed house and rave audience reviews. Conceived by Tom Toles and Lethal bassist Pat Kehs as a way to bring a whole new dimension to our music, the play features Lethal Bark onstage, original Lethal Bark music, and some new Lethal songs by Toles in collaboration with singer/actress Katie Goodman and creative collaborator Soren Kisiel. The play is a one-woman show about a woman named Lurid, featuring the acting and dazzling singing of Goodman. It's a haywire journey through the Washington DC dating scene, with a gallery of guys everyone in DC will recognize, appearing onstage as cartoons by Toles and portrayed in song by Toles and the Bark.  

If you have QuickTime, you can click on the player below photos to listen to songs from the live performance.

Tom Toles -Vocals, Percussion     Pat Kehs -Bass     Steven Rubin -Guitar     Larry Nittler -Keyboards     Zack Downes -Drums

“Catapult Love” The Lethal Bark Musical Comedy

Catapult Love - Opening song

Photo of original program cover.

In Style

Song about Lurid’s narcissistic boyfriend Kafka.

Final Touch

Ballad about the canvas of life.

It’s Gotta Hurt

Lurid’s fling with a masochist.

Get A Life

Lurid’s rock anthem. Music and lyrics by Katie Goodman.

The “reading” performance of Catapult Love was a huge success. We are taking that experience along with the constructive feedback from the audience and working on a rewrite to take this show to the next level. We look forward to announcing future showcase performances soon.

In the meantime, Katie Goodman will continue to tour the country with her Broad Comedy group and Lethal Bark will be performing concerts in the Washington, DC region, playing songs from Catapult Love and other material from their extensive original playlist.

Lethal Bark started creating original music in 2010.

The current lineup of musicians is Version 4. Scroll down this page to

see previous versions and hear the musical evolution of Lethal Bark.

Lethal Bark Version 3

Tom Toles -Vocals, Drums     Lee Drutman -Keyboards     Pat Kehs -Bass

Amy Schildge -Vocals   Isabella Varnish-Violin   Steven Rubin -Guitar   Holly Santillo -Vocals

Lethal Bark Version 1

Thanks to everyone who came out to our New Years Eve performance at Busboys and Poets, Brookland.

The event was sold out and we had a fantastic time

rocking in the New Year with you!


2015 looks to be an exciting year!

We look forward to announcing new Lethal Bark performances soon as well as Showcase Performances

of our original stage show “Catapult Love.”

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twitter feed to get the latest information.